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Your Money. Working Harder. 5.00% APY 14-Month CDYour Money. Working Harder. 5.00% APY 14-Month CD

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Watch your money grow with this limited-time 5.00% APY 14-Month Certificate of Deposit (CD). A CD is a great way to increase your savings. Whether you are saving for college or retirement or just looking for a reliable way to boost your savings, a CD can provide peace of mind regardless of market conditions. 

Benefits of a CD: 

  • Higher returns. Average rates are typically higher than a traditional savings account. 
  • A fixed interest rate. You know exactly how much you’ll be earning for the term of the CD.
  • Predictable returns. There’s no question of how it will perform or how long you’ll keep it.
  • Security. Your CD accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the allowable limits.